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Aderan Air Strike 0.61
Type: Beta
Downloads: 291
Ratings: 21
Rating: 3.75 / 5

Size: 3.36 MB

Command a modern Miraya fighter-bomber armed with a wide range of weapons including machine guns, bombs, missiles and carpet bombs. Penetrate deep into Daning territory, make precise airstrikes, or bring total annihilation to the enemy.

This beta version features a single mission, where you can engange hostile AA-guns, other air defense system, convoys and destroy hostile factories. Try not to damage civilian structures. You can respawn as often as you want, but each respawn costs you 100 kuwal. You gain kuwal for the destruction of hostile units and buildings, but lose points for destruction of civilian buildings, using munition and losing jets. To respawn your jet, press the up arrow. Version 0.61 BUGFIX: Now compatible with Windows 7

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Comments by others:

[24 Jun] 23:05 Saif

it's an okay game not that cool .

[24 Jun] 14:39 Keinutnai
The 0.61 version works on windows 7 (as well as on windows XP). 0.6 version didn't work on windows 7.

[24 Jun] 03:07 Keinutnai

I like it

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