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General Rules

1) Creating or using multiple accounts is forbidden.

2) User generated content which contains vulgarities, insults, advertising and spamming is forbidden.

3) Feeding other accounts is forbidden. Feeding = sending/accepting resources without receiving/paying a fair value of ingame resources.

4) Gaining unfair advantages and doing things that are against the spirit of the game are forbidden. Examples: Use of bugs, exploits, scripts.

5) Contact admin when you buy or sell an account so that you are not accused of multying. Report shared computer use, if you live in the same apartment/house with another player.


101) Feeding is allowed if your net gain is less than 20%, or your net outflow is less than 20%. PTR measures feeding. Keep PTR between -20% and 20%. You are allowed to give away your resources to other players and even sell them for cash as long as you remain within PTR.

102) You are allowed to sell your account for money or give it away to other players, but the game is not liable for transactions you make between you and other players. When buying an account from other players. You are allowed to log into both accounts either to change Account Settings, or to transfer resources only, and you must abandon one of the accounts as soon as possible. In general you should abandon the account you do not intend to use within a week. You are not allowed to do any missions with the new account unless you abandon your old account.

103) If you found a bug or exploit, report it immediately to administration and you will not be punished.

Specific Rules:

201) If you break any of the rules, you will receive a temporary or permanent ban, and/or a resource fine. If you are not sure if something is allowed, ask on the forums. Walking in grey area is not encouraged.

202) If two people, who play Aderan Wars use the same IP (if you share computers or live in the same apartment/house), they both must report shared computer use, through their account settings.

203) If you buy an account from a player, you have to abandon one of your accounts as soon as possible. Abandoning means that you don’t log into this account again. You can put one of your accounts on vacation or sell it. You can log into your abandoned account again if you are selling it, to change account details. You are not allowed to go on any missions with the account you will abandon and you have to abandon one account within 7 days.

Some Examples of what is forbidden:

Giving other players your login details so that they can “look after your account, while you are away on holiday”. (Use vacation mode in account settings if you cannot log in for longer period of time.)

Transferring resources by intentionally withdrawing kuwal, or UU and letting someone steal it. (Only transfers through trading ability are allowed)

Creating a second account to get invitation bonuses, to spy on other alliances, and make it your commander, or officer. (You are allowed to use on only one account.)

Final words:

Everything that is achievable with the game system (in terms of strategy or tactics) without resulting in the breach of the above mentioned rules is deemed legal unless it is obvious, or there is a general consensus that the feature in question is a bug or an exploit.


Aderan Wars is a browser based multiplayer online strategy game, where players build their own empire and raise armies to fight for domination.

Aderanwars Tutorial for Beginners


You can register by clicking on the race you want to play with. It will lead you to a page which explain the advantages of each of the four Aderan races.
It should be noted that the races as well as the personal bonus you can pick are meant to be balanced. A question about which race is "the best" is not appropriate. However by matching a race natural affinity to some aspects your preferred style of play of the game you can increase your success and power.

(1) Choose race

Focuses on income, the most all round race of all as they get cheaper technologies from all areas, however the bonus to any specific area is slightly less than that of a race that specializes in that area.
(Recommended for players who will have a strong economy and can login frequently to deposit their income)

Focuses on attack, has cheaper attack technologies.
(Recommended for players who prefer to have a strong attacking army and like to farm income from others)

Focuses on defense, has cheaper defense technologies.
(Recommended for players who prefer to have a strong defending army to keep their income safe and not have to bank so frequently)

Focuses on covert, has cheaper covert technologies and a slight advantage with spies and assassins over other races.
(Recommended for experienced players, who prefer to strike with assassins and sabotage enemies with spies)

You can assign 30 points to 4 different bonus categories. You can choose any combination you like.
(It is Recommended to assign all points to the category of your race to make even better use of your race bonuses however this is neither crucial nor the only advisable thing as many players choose completely different distribution of points and are still very successful)

(2) Follow the instructions and register.
(3) Login by entering the login code, your username, e-mail, and activation code
DONE! (If you had any other problems, contact us on or post in the bug section of the forum and we will work on finding and correcting the error). It is useful to be registered on the forums too, since it will be easier for you to interact with other players.

Your Realm

You can see the yelow sidebar on the left hand side and below it, the infobar.

DATE: The current date and time (as the server is located in the united states, the time will mostly not correspond with your regional time, but many players still use the server time as sort of "unified time" measurement to coordinate actions)
RANK: If you reach rank 1, you dominate the game! You can reach it by having the highest attack, defense, covert and assassin power.
ATTACK TURNS: You need them for farming and massing, you gain them with each turn and you can buy them from others after you purchase Supporter Status.
SUPPLY TURNS: They are needed especially for massing, you gain them with each turn, they cannot be bought nor sold.
COVERT TURNS: Like Attack turns, but used for covert activities, also untradeable like supply turns.
Untrained: The amount of untrained units available. You can train these into specialized unit types to do specific tasks. Untrained units can get stolen by other players if you leave too many out.
KUWAL: The amount of Kuwal currency on hand. It can be used to train units, research tech and purchase weapons. It can be stolen by others if you do not deposit it into the bank or spend it fast.
BANK: To deposit Kuwal you have to click on the bank, select the amount you want to deposit or withdraw and confirm. Money in the bank CANNOT be stolen by others, but cannot be used until it is withdrawn (however that only takes a short click).
NEXT TURN: Shows how much time is left till everyone receives their income and turns.
INBOX: Private Messages (PM) you have received from others.

Building your Economy

The most important factors in an aderanwars economy are Income and unit production (unit production is often called "up" among players, since it increases your population).


To increase your income you have to train Farmers, Workers or Miners, by training untrained units. They will produce income every turn.
It is Recommended to train Farmers as long as you have untrained units. Each Farmer costs 5000 Kuwal to be trained. Once you produce enough kuwal to train all of your units, you can start training more costly Civilian units, either Workers or Miners.

(1) Check if you have at least 5000 Kuwal by looking at the infobar, where it says "KUWAL". If you have enough money, you can train the unit. If not, you might want to look at your "Bank" in the infobar. Click on the bank link and withdraw as much as you need so that you have 5000 Kuwal in the open.

(2) Click on TRAINING in the yellow sidebar, scroll down to the place it mentions "Farmers 5000 Kuwal", change the value from 0 to 1 and click on TRAIN. Now 5000 Kuwal will be deducted from your Kuwal in the open and one untrained unit will be trained to become a farmer. A 1 in brackets should appear (1). In the beginning, you have 10 training facilities, which means that a maximum of 10 units will be trained per turn. In the next turn your farmer in training will be trained and will start producing kuwal for you. A farmer produces 50 Kuwal per turn, so 50x48=2400 Kuwal per day. Untrained units produce only 20 per turn (960 Kw per day). The higher your income, the faster you can grow.


To increase the growth of your population you have to increase your unit production, by researching it.

(1) To increase your unit production you have to click at RESEARCH.
(2) Now you have to click at the Kuwal value next to "Upgrade" in the "Upgrade unit Production" section.
(3) If you had enough Kuwal in the open, it will be deducted from you and your unit production will grow. If you did not have enough money, you have to click on BANK in the infobar and take out the requested amount and then upgrade your uu production.
(4) If you click on BASE you can look at your current uu production rate. It will say something like:
"Unit Production Raw 3 (Total 3.30) per Day"
This means that you will gain 3.3 untrained units per day.

ADVICE: You should not forget to train all of your untrained units into farmers, workers or miners to raise your income.
ADVICE: To grow faster, it is recommended to click your Recruit Link. It is located at the bottom of your base page (the one you get to when you login each time) and looks something like "" with letters and numbers at the end of it. Click it and then press the number it asks you to press to receive additional untrained units. Remember to click it every day in order to receive that boost as often as possible.
ADVICE: To grow even faster, we recommend you to click on VOTE in the sidebar, and there click on each of the voting pages and vote for aderan wars to gain additional units.


There are two groups of units in Aderan Wars: Civilian Units and Military units. Farmers, Workers and Miners are civilian units. They produce income.

Farmers produce the least amount of kuwal (50 per turn), however they are the cheapest to train (5000) and are safe from all attacks.
Workers produce more kuwal (60 per turn), however they are more costly (7500) and if an enemy attacks your civilian units, 0.3% of them will die in each attack on you.
Miners produce the highest amount of kuwal (70 per turn), however they are the most expensive to train (10.000) and more vulnerable to enemy attacks (0.75% of them die if an enemy attacks your civilians).
Military units consist of Attack Units, Defense Units, Spies and Assassins.

ATTACK UNITS are Attack Soldiers and Attack Mercenaries. You can use them to attack other players to steal their kuwal, raid others to steal their units, assault others to destroy their defenses, hunt assassins to kill their assassins after enemy defenses have been destroyed, make an invasion to kill their civilian units after enemy defenses have been destroyed, make a destruction mission to destroy enemy strike forces after defeating enemy defenses.
DEFENSE UNITS are Defense Soldiers and Defense Mercenaries. They will automatically defend you every time an enemy sends attack units at you. Do not forget to repair your weapons if they fought against an enemy, otherwise their defense capability will fall.
SPIES automatically defend you every time an enemy sends spies at you. You can also send your spies at an enemy to destroy his weapons. The covert power of the spies you have sent has to be higher than enemy covert action, this means that you have to send more spies than the enemy has and/or you must have covert skill bonuses and/or research higher covert level in the RESEARCH page. If you succeed you will destroy roughly 5% of weapons and loose 5% of spies ou have sent. If you fail, you will loose 75% of your spies.
ASSASSINS automatically defend you every time an enemy sends assassins at you. You can also send your assassins at an enemy do destroy an enemies type of military unit. The assassin power of the assassins you have sent has to be higher than enemy assassin action, this means that you have to send more assassin than the enemy has and/or you must have assassin skill bonuses and/or research higher assassin level in the RESEARCH page. If you succeed you will kill roughly 5% of enemy units of the targeted unit type and loose 5% of assassins you have sent. If you fail, you will loose 75% of your assassins.

ADVICE: It is recommended to have at least 5% of your population trained as defenders, 6% trained as spies and 6% trained as assassins. Buy tanks and mobile artilleries from weapon dealers before you research these weapons yourself and arm all your soldiers with weapons. The amount of attack units and civilian units depends on the strategy you employ.

Defending yourself from attackers

As you produce income it will stay "in the open". The more will be in the open, the more attractive it will become for other people to steal it from you. There are 4 basic strategies how to prevent others from stealing Kuwal from you.

-1- Deposit your income frequently
When someone attacks you to steal Kuwal, that person will loose Attack turns. Since each person has only slowly recharching Attack turns, they will only hit the people with the highest amount of Kuwal that have a smaller defense than their attack. If you deposit often, they will not attack you for Kuwal. If you have too many untrained units, people will raid you to take them from you.

-2- Build up your defenses
To prevent others from hitting you for Kuwal, you should build defenses. In the beginning you will have 20 soldiers. 10 for defense and 10 for attack. Currently they are unarmed and are of no use. Don't untrain them though, because that costs money! To make them efficient fighters you have to arm them. This is how you will build up your defense:
(0)If you click ARMORY in the sidebar, you can see that the only weapon you can produce/buy is a knife. This is a very weak weapon. (1)What you need to do first is to go on RESEARCH, make sure you have enough kuwal in the open and click at "Research Weapon Technologies". If you had enough kuwal, you have researched new weapons. (2) Click on ARMORY in the sidebar
(3) Type in how many weapons you want to buy (Each Automatic Pistol costs 1900). You should buy 10, so that all of your defenders will be armed.
(3) Click "Build Defense Weapons" to build weapons for your defenders
(4) Once your weapons are built, which will take a few turns depending on how many weapon factories you have, your defenders will become armed and ready to defend your realm.

-3- Train Spies
Train spies to increase your covert and hide data about you from others. If your covert is a multiple of the covert of an enemy, he/she will not be able to see how much Kw you have in the open. This will prevent other people from hitting you, if they don't want to risk attacking someone with higher defense or with no Kw.
(1) Click at TRAINING
(2) Select amount of Spies
(3) click at "Start Training"

-4- Be a member of an alliance
Members of powerful alliances don't need to fear others as much as those who are all alone. As a member of a ranked alliance, others will consider first if stealing your Kuwal is worth risking getting into trouble with your alliance. Alliances are a great way for players to boost their strength and reputation and rise through ranks. If your alliance prospers, you will most likely prosper too.

(1) To join an alliance you have been invited to, click at COMMAND CENTRE and then scroll down to the "Pending Alliance Requests" section. You can "JOIN" or "REJECT".

If the alliance you want to join isn't in the pending alliance requests, you have to:
(1) Click at ALLIANCE
(2) Click at "See list of current alliances"
(3) Write the alliance name in the box and confirm to request to join that alliance.
(4) Wait until your offer is confirmed or rejected by the alliance leader.

Sidenote: if you are already in an alliance, but want to see what alliances exist and what rankings they have you have to click at BATTLEFIELD and then click at "Alliance Ranking"

Stealing kuwal from others and raiding

To steal Kuwal from others, you should first train some spies until you have enough to see how much Kuwal in the open people have.

(1) Click at TRAINING
(2) Select amount of Spies you want to train
(3) click at "Start Training".

If you click ATTACK you can see 30 aderanwars users, you can click yourself through the pages and find all active members here.
If your covert is high enough, you can see how much Kuwal they have. This is how you can get to their Kuwal:
(1) Click at the user who has enough Kuwal in the open (the more the better)
(3) Click at "Send all spies" button in the "Reconaissance Mission" section (WARNING! Use your spies only if you can see the enemies kuwal, otherwise your spies are too weak and would be slaughtered). Sending spies on reconnaissance costs only 1 covert turn. You can have a maximum of 60 covert turns at any point.
(4) You will see enemy stats and you can check if their defense is smaller than your strike
(5) If enemy defense is larger than your attack, you should either find a different target, or increase your strike.
(6) You can buy more attack weapons in the Armory, repair your weapons after each attack.
(7) If you have more weapons than attacking soldiers, you should train more soldiers or sell surplus weapons. Don't forget that it takes some turns to train all the soldiers you are training. The units in brackets are being trained, so they are not ready to fight yet.
(8) Once your strike is higher than the defense of the enemy, you can click at "STRIKE MISSION".
(9) Click at "Attack!" in the Attack Mission section to steal his/her Kuwal.

(If you click at Raid mission, you will steal 2.5%-3.5% of his untrained units if he has more than 30 of them. You must first build Re-Education facility, if you want to steal other people's untrained units.)

ADVICE: Deposit Kuwal in the open as soon as possible, otherwise someone might see it and steal it from you!
ADVICE: Assault mission is used to destroy enemy defenses. All other attack forms deal less damage to your strike and even less damage to the enemy defense. ADVICE: Hunt Assassins mission involves your strike attacking the enemy and using the surplus power after overcomming their defense to kill hostile assassin units.
ADVICE: Invasion mission sends your attackers to kill enemy civilian units. 0.1% of enemy workers and 0.3% of enemy miners will die in each attack. Farmers cannot die.
ADVICE: Destruction mission sends your attackers to kill enemy attack units. Use this approach only after you have destroyed enemy defenses.

Spies and Assassins

Sometimes you might want to steal kuwal from a player, or mass him, however his defense is much greater than your attack. What can you do?

(Plan A) You can destroy some of his weapons by using your spies and going on a "covert mission" called Sabotage Mission. Don't forget to write how many spies you want to send. If the covert power of the spies you have sent is stronger than the covert action of all enemy spies, you will be successful destroy roughly 5% of enemy weapons and loose 5% of the spies you have sent. His defense will fall, as some of his soldiers will be unarmed now. You might want to repeat this mission to decrease his defense more. If you fail, you will loose 75% of the spies you sent.

Your Covert action is determined by the amount of spies you have, by the bonus points you have distributed to covert and also by Spy Training, which you can improve in the RESEARCH section.

(Plan B) You can kill his defender units by going on a "assassin mission" called Target Defense. Don't forget to write how many assassins you want to send. If the assassin power of the assassins you have sent is stronger than the covert action of all enemy spies, you will be successful kill roughly 2-3% of enemy troops of the chosen type and loose 5% of the assassins you have sent. His defense will fall, as some of his soldiers will be unarmed now. You might want to repeat this mission to decrease his defense more. If you fail, you will loose 75% of the assassins you sent.

Your Assassin action is determined by the amount of assassins you have, by the bonus points you have distributed to covert and also by Spy Training, which you can improve in the RESEARCH section.

If you have more questions...

If you have any further questions, or think that something important hasn't been mentioned in this help page, you can post a question in our forum:

or simply ask anyone. Most people will gladly help you get familiar with this game.

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