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Full list of updates

All the required information about the newest updates has been put online on the updates page now. I apologize for the time it took, but as you will notice, it is quite extensive

A number of updates from 2011 and 2012, that were not on the updates page, were added to their respective dates of release so make sure to read these older updates too to make sure you know about all changes and additions.

You can have a look at the full list on the updates page here

Global Records
Attack Units Killed:2,147,483,647
Defense Units Killed:1,348,579,211
Agents Killed:2,147,483,647
Income Units Killed:164,475,799
Total Units Killed:2,147,483,647
Untrained Units Raided:27,653,938,084
Kuwal Stolen:29,231,822,839,146,192
Weapon Value Destroyed:4,116,442,526,114,766
Attack Turns Used:33,250,331
Supply Turns Used:8,076,891
Total War Experience:1,385,124,493,975

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