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Name: Keinutnai [ World_Republic_(TOC) ]
Commander: Thor
Trading: TB
Treasury: ???? Kuwal
Defense level: Unknown
Army Size:????
Relation (Yours/Theirs):

Message of the Day
Buying/Selling Gold
Contact me!

Official leadership of World Republic 1st September-12 September 2012:
goku, Leader of WR
Twvlsman, 2nd in command of WR
Gamniac, Ambassador of WR

Keinutnai, Leader of World Republic!

Did you come to kill me?
I hope you brought huge armies and a lot of determination.
You will need them.
They will help you, to prevent a complete disaster.

You might outnumber us, but numbers alone don't guarantee victory.
You lack our bravery and determination.

Your soldiers are marching!
They are marching into the graves that we prepared for them!

You came to kill us, but the only thing you will find here is your own death!
Millions have come to kill us, and they all perished!

Our farming policy
You must follow this policy if stealing kuwal from a World Republic or TOC member

Minimum profit required:
defenders population x 150 (but not less than 400 million kuwal)

Profit = kuwal stolen - units lost * (uu cost + training cost + weapon cost)
UU price = 375.000 (uu price on 1st January 2012)

Those who break the farming policy pay 100% of all damage done (kuwal stolen + units and weapons destroyed). Those who don't pay compensation within a reasonable time can be massed by TOC.

Equal treatment clause
Alliances which have harsher farming policies than TOC, must follow the same farming policies when farming TOC members, which TOC members must follow when farming them. Members of alliances, which ask for more than 100% compensation, must pay the same % compensation to TOC, which their alliance would ask from TOC if TOC members broke their policy.

World Republic - Emperors Farming policy
Minimum profit allowed is one third of all kuwal stolen.
Compensation for a bad hit is 100% of damage caused to defender
damage = losses + kuwal stolen

World Republic Internal Farming Policy
Internal policy is the same as World Republic-Emperors Farming Policy


Hostile actions
- Is considered an act of war
- Is not a hit for kuwal or UU or Spying
- If a kuwal hit or raid is done after a Hostile action, then the kuwal/uu has to be repaid

First Offense - repay 200% of losses
Second Offense - Massing or repayment depending on the circumstances

WR takes responsibility for its members.
If anyone from WR harms you, we will compensate you!
If any member of an alliance harms WR,
his alliance is responsible for compensating us.

I am Keinutnai,
democratically elected leader of World Republic.

World Republic is an alliance of TOC, The Order of Chaos

To become an ally of World Republic, contact me.
To join TOC, contact me, or one of TOC leaders.

---World Republic---

World Republic strives for peace and friendship with all alliances and players. Farming and raiding missions are allowed.

All missions other than those to steal kuwal, raid untrained and reconaissance are considered hostile missions and are forbidden (inactives with huge ammount of UU are an exception). Those who engage in hostile missions against World Republic, or against our allies will be massed!

World Republic accepts new members. If you don't have an alliance yet, join World Republic now!

- Accepting officers! Don't worry about the low pay, I send huge weekly bonuses to all officers. You can decide if you want to be paid in UU or kuwal.

- If you have any questions on the game, or how to become more successful, ask me, I will help.

Name Army Size Race
remaaa ???? Hualu
Lovevas ???? Kyora
celentar ???? Kyora
WHDolphin ???? Hualu
AruSama ???? Hualu
SilverRose ???? Kyora
Mirage ???? Hualu
skyshadow ???? Hualu

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