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(Re-edited 2014.07.08)

I speak only the Truth and absolutely nothing but the Truth. I represent No Country, No Religion, No Color, No Race, No Gender, No Organization.

Message of the Day: "It is said, God created men so that men can see the Greatness of God". I say now, it is the other way around: "God created men so that God can see the Greatness in men".

So what kind, how deep, and how Great such Greatness within you that you are doing now for God to see? If your Love for others is so Great, then God's Love for you is even Greater. If your Hatred or Anger towards others is so deep, then God's anger towards you is even Deeper.

You are created in the Image and Likeness of God, but that will only be absolutely True if your Heart is Pure and Fruitful or Productive in His eyes. What kind of Rewards God can give you if what is you could Become is actually True to His Image and Likeness? I myself can not even describe your Rewards, because the more I try to describe the more it is indescribable. I will tell you, you will be extremely overwhelmed if you are rewarded, more so if you are rewarded together with a rank, a higher rank, or highest rank.

But do not seek for God's rewards, because a Pure heart does not actually asks for God's rewards. Only those with contaminated hearts and minds are the ones seeking for rewards.

There are only two kinds of God's Rewards, Extreme Bad and Extreme Good. Between these two, only a very thin line separates it of which road you will take. You follow your Mind, you go to the other extreme. You follow your Heart you go to the better extreme.

Extreme Bad? you will no longer know it, because if that is your Reward, your Future Plans, your Ambitions, your Career, your Wealth, your Social Status, your Fame and Fortune, your beautiful Face and Body, your Political Status or Military Rank, your Intelligence and Educated Mind, your Spirit, your very own Life is already gone. So how will you know your reward if everything in you is gone? Isn't it scary? But are those things mentioned above can still be yours forever? Is it possible? Yes it is, very possible because God doesn't count on what you already have, but rather on what you could have more that could be pleasing to Him. One thing for us to be really be thankful of Him, is that God's Happiness is not that deep that anyone of us has an equal chance of reaching Him, regardless of Belief, Gender, or Handicap. Because if He made His guidelines just a bit deeper or higher than that, then No One among us can ever have a chance of understanding Him.

Allow first your heart to break free on its own with no one dictating it, not even your mind. Then, make now your Heart pure, uncontaminated by your evil thoughts and mind and you will slowly understand it. And if you can make it Pure, why not seek to make it Pure of the Purest? And if you can make it Fruitful, why not make it Fruitful to the Fullest?

The absolute Truth about God is not yet written, or probably will not be ever written. Only those who succeeded to make themselves True are the only ones who can possibly know it in the end or unless God Himself directly revealed it to you or to them.

God's timezone is too fast. As if it is like His One Second is equivalent to One Day in our own timezones. So if the time is running out, when will you decide to make a change? Be very careful, because it could be too little too late. It may not be easy for you to make your heart pure, especially if its already totally contaminated and dominated by your mind. But I tell you, its doable only if you understand it by heart. I am here, not just to send you messages for you to read but I will also give specific examples so that you can easily follow. I only unexpectedly learned it for 26 long years the hardest and painful way, you can do it the shortest possible time the easier way. And if your Greatness exceeded mine in His Eyes, I will be even happier for you.

You will not only make it pure, it has to be also functional and fruitful. Your pure heart should be able to function separately from your mind, of which from the time immemorial has always been self-serving for your own personal gains and benefits, for your own personal convenience and comfort.

Now, to do that you also need time to test it and re-test it until it is perfectly pure and productive in His Eyes. Your heart is blind but it can feel and only knows what is Good, what is Better, what is Best or even the Greatest or the Greatest of the Greatest.

And if your heart has reached that level of Greatness, here you can already challenge God. But don't get me wrong, what I mean by challenge God is that God already likes you, and He is already being challenged by your Greatness, and He likes it. There is no limitations to the Greatness your heart can do, and that is what God likes in you.

Is there still even Greater than just reaching such Greatness? Yes there is, there is more. But you will know it when the time comes because God is already with you, in your Heart. And if God is already with you, you will no longer Die. You will live Forever.

You call it Eternal Life? Yes, But I will call it Eternal Happiness. How can you have Eternal Life if you are not Happy?


Note: These messages follows a Time-line which only started last February 2014.
I am not claiming who I am to be, I am not even interested to be known by anyone, nor to have followers or seek position or rewards or create an organization or whatsoever. I just want you to read this and that's all. I am just an ordinary human being, not even a writer. I am also a sinner just like anyone else.

This is being written, raw, spontaneously with no drafts because in the first place I really don't know where and how to start it, but what I knew I can start at any given point.

"If all human beings acts to the Image and Likeness of God, then all the laws created by men will be of no use." margaretz

There will be no more court judges because there is none to be judged. There will be no more prisons because there are no more persons to be convicted of crimes.

How I wish if all political leaders of the world, from ranking file to the highest posts acts like this. There could be no more war or greediness among nations.

(Originally posted from the site of Aderan wars.)

October 19, 2016

It’s been quite a while since my last post, anyway let me tell you a story that happened few months ago.

This is about the conversation between me and a preacher from a certain Christian congregation; he said, what I was preaching him were all originated from myself, from my own mind only. I answered him, you are correct because everything you say when you preach were all originating from God, because when you speak it always comes with biblical verses. But the difference, everything that also comes out from your mind, your reasoning, your personal judgments were all originating from a source, no one else but only from yourself and own understanding.

Jesus Christ as a great teacher, his teachings were absolutely originating from Jesus himself alone. But his personal judgments and reasoning comes from a divine wisdom, originates from the highest infinite resources of knowledge, God the Father himself.

When Jesus Christ speaks, no one perfectly understand it even to this present day. Jesus as the great teacher he was, for him his teachings is actually so simple yet so very complicated even for the bible scholars. But what should we do now to make it just so simple exactly the same the wisdom of Christ has. The answer is, be like him. No, be Jesus Christ yourself. Other great teachers in the past. Be like them, be the One.

The ignorant can instantly become knowledgeable to easily understand it, while the wannabe knowledgeable is worse than becoming an ignorant of understanding it. What an irony, that is to show how great the wisdom of God really is. Just like comparing the most beautiful woman in the world in the eyes of many, could most likely not the same in the eyes of God.

Where did Jesus originate from? Where is the source of his wisdom came from? What is there in Jesus Christ that can also be found in us? Because you have to have the same level of wisdom to be able to decipher or interpret and understand his teachings perfectly. You yourself can easily understand it, if you follow the teachings of other self-proclaimed prophets or evangelists, if he is lost then you too is lost.

If Christ will teach again to this present day, he will no longer teach the same teachings he has already taught us. Because the past teachings done is just very elementary level to him. And if Christ's himself considered his teachings as simple as compared to Primary level in our educational system, then next is Secondary level, then Tertiary. After that what else, Masteral degree. After masteral, then doctorate.

After doctorate and at this highest level, there is more could come because the knowledge and wisdom coming from source where it originates is infinite. Jesus Christ can teach even more than this level, but how will it be if none of us could not even pass the primary grade.

The Golden Rule from the teachings of Confucius, there is a good effect as a result because there is a cause. This Golden Rule is based from our human rationality and philosophy, and even how great is no way at the level of the divine, not even near. Thus, it should NOT be called golden rule, because there is actually none at all.

If you want a real Golden Rule, then seek the Golden Rule of divine level. Just the same, there is good effect but the difference as a result came from none at all. There is effect but No cause, compared to there is effect because there is a cause, you choose.

The Golden Rule of Confucius is ruled by human mind, while the Golden Rule of the Divine is ruled by the heart of God. So, make your own heart within you a heart of God, a godly heart.

Jesus Christ said, be perfect because God the Father is perfect. What I am saying is, be brilliant because God the Father is brilliant. I am not contradicting the previous teaching of Jesus Christ, it is still the same teaching but in a whole new level now. Perfect is already perfect, but brilliant is not only perfect, but more than perfect.

If you do something good, do it brilliantly good because God the Father is always excellent, always exceptional, always brilliant. If there is good effect of your doings, why not make it better, why not make it the best, why not make it perfect, why not make it brilliant.

The most expensive thing in the world is a thousand fold more expensive than gold, or a hundred fold more expensive than diamond because it is priceless, it is free. Love is priceless and it is free, but if love has a cost, then it is not free. Therefore, how can you love God if it has a cost? only if you are already free of your desires.

September 13, 2017

If you believe in personal God, then you must also believe in the power of prayers. Even how far you are, how small you think you are, and how very simple your prayer is.. It can be so very powerful than to million other prayers at the same time that God can respond to you faster than the blink of an eye.

Just as you thought you are up, actually you are down. And just as you thought you are down, actually you are up. It means that.. wealth, power, fame, glory, fortune could blind your way up. While the one who has nothing at all may only have one left in him, and that is his heart.

We see the brain or the mind always above the heart, physiologically speaking explained it. But God see it upside down, because He is always above us anywhere we are either far north or down south of the planet. So, if the mind doesn't blend harmoniously with the heart, both will separate each other in opposite direction. The heart goes down as we see it, and the mind goes up together with the power, fame, wealth and everything which is governed more likely always by the mind, but the problem now God can never be found there up. And just like a scuba diver in the dark ocean deep which loses navigational awareness of instead finding his way back to save his life, he goes even deeper to the abyss of death. On the other hand, the heart is just like a compass always pointing north, it never loses direction to where God is.

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