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Name: rflash
Commander: None
Trading: TB
Treasury: ???? Kuwal
Defense level: Unknown
Army Size:????
Relation (Yours/Theirs):

Message of the Day
My farming policy :

Net profit > army size * 150 (20 mil size ==> 3 bil profit)
UU cost = 380,000

Profit over 7.5 bil is legit (so all those that have more then 3x average army size are considered to have 3x AAS).

A correction of 25% of pure chance will be applied in case either attacker or defender makes more/less then 10%. So if the attacker has a 40 bil strike and he makes 36 bil he falls under this and he can make 2.5% less profit then 150*army size limited by cap. Likewise if the defender makes less then 90%, the attacker has to make 102.5% profit.
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