User Stats
Name: notpc [ World_Republic_(TOC) ]
Commander: goku1719
Trading: TB
Treasury: ???? Kuwal
Defense level: Unknown
Army Size:????
Relation (Yours/Theirs):

Message of the Day
If you set me to PEACE, I will do the same.



Please DON'T FARM ME unless it is allowed under the TOC FARMING POLICY (in red). Rarely there will be enough Kuwal available to make it worth your effort anyway. If you do see a large amount of Kuwal, it is not likely to be there for more than a few seconds as I bank or spend it very fast. Your farming attempt will not get you much and you will have to pay me back for my losses according to the TOC FARMING POLICY.

There is a MINIMUM PROFIT requirement to farm me. That is after deducting the value of YOUR LOSSES due to my EXTREMELY STRONG DEFENSES. It is very unlikely that you will steal enough to meet the minimum required, so I advise you to just stick to targets with ZERO DEFENSE to avoid problems.



To be safe you must follow all rules of the TOC farming policy which we use.
Only then you can keep what you farm.

You have to follow our farming policy when attacking any TOC member.

TOC farming policy

Minimum profit required: 30% of stolen kuwal
Minimum profit required:at least 400 million kuwal

Profit = kuwal stolen - units lost * (uu cost + training cost + weapon cost)
UU price = 659.000 (Aug 19 2015)

Those who break the farming policy pay 100% of all damage done (kuwal stolen + units and weapons destroyed). Those who don't pay compensation within a reasonable time can be massed by TOC.

Equal treatment clause
Alliances which have harsher farming policies than TOC, must follow the same farming policies when farming TOC members, which TOC members must follow when farming them. Members of alliances, which ask for more than 100% compensation, must pay the same % compensation to TOC, which their alliance would ask from TOC if TOC members broke their policy.

---World Republic---

World Republic strives for peace and friendship with all alliances and players. Farming and raiding missions are allowed.

All missions other than those to steal kuwal, raid untrained and reconaissance are considered hostile missions and are forbidden (inactives with huge ammount of UU are an exception). Those who engage in hostile missions against World Republic, or against our allies will be massed!

World Republic accepts new members. If you don't have an alliance yet, join World Republic now!

Name Army Size Race
Grand_Khan ???? Daning
clipman9 ???? Hualu
Juditta ???? Kyora
bluesunclan ???? Hualu

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