User Stats
Name: Manleva [ T.M.I.(Requiem) ]
Commander: Beldar
Trading: TB
Treasury: ???? Kuwal
Defense level: Unknown
Army Size:????
Relation (Yours/Theirs):

Message of the Day
The Marauder would like to take this time to announce that the following policies.
Time frames:
Tracking incidents is 10 days period.
Reporting an incident is 3 days, else won't be considered.
Repayment time frame is 48 hours, then a 10% fine each day, if over 5 days then massing.
Alliance responsibility for members: 48 hours after they leave the alliance.
Due to conduct of players. Alliances will be responsible for the actions of former members for 48 hours after last known to be in the alliance.

Do not contact The Marauder member as that contact will not matter when dealing with these issues.
Contact ONLY the following members for issues: SEABORGIUM, SA47, NIMRAS.
Contact is posting on these forums, our forums, ingame. If ingame is used then you must send to all 3.

Minimum Profit Required is Defenders Army Size (as shown on Battlefield Page) Times 150
If a user is 3,217,461 in size you need to make 3217461*150 = 482,619,150.

The punishment for breaking the policy is as follows
First Offense - repay 130% of all losses (kuwal taken, lost units, training cost, weapon cost(attacker current level))
Second Offense - repay 150% of all losses (kuwal taken, lost units, training cost, weapon cost(attacker current level))
Third Offense - Massing, There is no repayment option.

The UU taken will be converted to kuwal value using the current UU rate. Then the hit will be looked at using the same as above.

Hostile actions
- Is considered an act of war
- Is not a hit for kuwal or UU or Spying
- If a kuwal hit or raid is done after a Hostile action, then the kuwal/uu has to be repaid

First Offense - repay 200% of losses
Second Offense - Massing, there is no repayment option

1 V 1
Need to be posted on the forum BEFORE any hits are made. If not posted then we will take action against the aggressor.
Name Army Size Race
No Officers

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