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The best mmorpg i played so far. It`s very balanced and well thought out.

I like Aderan wars because it's a nice game and you don't have to spend a lot time on it.

I have joined the Aderan Wars because I was asked by some friends to join ...
I tought I will stay just for a day or two ... I started to like it and now I told all my friends to join.
It`s probably the best game ever on world wide web


All I have to say is, wow!
This is one game where you don't have to be online all day long to get to the top;
It's all about planning and strategy instead of how often you can be online.
This really levels the playing field, and the game is designed so that sure,
people more powerful than you can pick on you, but they really don't have incentive to do so.
This leads to an game universe where everything is all laid back
and the game is enjoyable instead of just feeling frustrating.


Aderan Wars is a great game to have fun and enjoy with others around world.
Great people who will take the time to help you learn the game as they have
and allow you to jump in and be yourself whiles meeting great people.
The game can be for those who don't have a lot of time,
to those who are at the pc all day and isn't that hard to learn.
If you have any questions you can always join the forums
and post your questions and you'll see more than one willing to give you your answer
and some advice about the game.


I love Aderan Wars. As I'm a guy who likes to control an empire, this was extremely fun!
I like to stabilize an economy, buy weapons, go to war with evil players, and many more.
I can oblitherate entire empires, or resort to peace with them.

You can train spies, soldiers, supers, anything you need.
You can get knives, pistols, rifles, machineguns, ACP's, IFV's, and even tanks!
Fight to the death or die like the rest.

Spy on your enemies, Destroy their economy, Make friendships, Defend your motherland.
Do whatever you need!


The number one reason to play Aderan Wars is simply one of the most active Admins I have ever seen.
He listens to the community and allows them to give input as to new features.
He has proven he is not in it just for the $$ like many other game admins,
and since he comes as a player turned admin,
he knows the main faults to these games and works very hard to overcome them.
He knows that balance and evolution are the key points to the long term health of the game.


Aderan Wars is the best browser game I have ever played. And I have played 7 sofar!
What I especially like about Aderan Wars is the friendly community and the admin who is always there to help you.

Another great thing about this game is that it gives new players the possibility to catch up with other players
and at the same time doesn't take too much time to play.

I also like the fact that the different races are very balanced,
and there are many things one can do here in addition to fighting
(for example trading in the galactic private market, speculating on the market
and making proifts due to fluctuating prices, or receiving various medals and awards for your achievements)


I like Aderan Wars because it doesn't require constant babysitting.
By that I mean, of course, I can go on with my life while the orders I placed are carried out in my absence.
I can come back later and see the results of my strategies, which is nice.
I like the elements of economic development, military strategy and tactical planning at the center of the game.
I like the tone and feel to Aderan Wars. Much was well thought out in bringing this game from conception to reality.


The best thing about Aderan Wars is the sense of community.
I'm in a huge alliance (one of the biggest in the game)
and yet I have great relations with the leaders and my fellow members.
The game itself is great, don't get me wrong,
but what really makes me want to log in every day is the opportunity to talk with my friends.


I enjoy Aderan Wars because it addresses many of the balancing issues on other games of a similar nature.
Now, this isn't to say AW is perfect, however the fact that it is above par
AND the fact that the admin is active is a very good thing.
I have played these style games for over 10 years
and am still very impressed by some of the balancing ideas admin has.
I wholeheartedly feel that AW will live on for many years.
The only issue I have with AW is that it's member base is relatively small.
So you know what that means, right? Vote Vote Vote, and Invite your friends to come and play!


I like AW because it has an admin who puts a lot of work into the game
and always tries to find new way of improving it,
instead of just making it acceptable and waiting to make a profit.
That is the core of any good game because if you don't have a dedicated team behind it, the game is worthless.


The game makes you think strategically. Things are not just who is most powerful.
You have to think of ways to take down your foe that aren't straightforward.
The game encourages cooperation and teamwork to defeat your opponent and to think outside the box.


I came to play Aderan wars through a friend of Ian from another game.
I really like playing this game a lot.
I actually have no complaints or advice to give on improving the game.
Will have to see how things go after the new changes.
Thanks for providing a pretty cool game to play.


Aderan Wars is so great (In My Opinion) because
--even with a low user count-- a good majority of players are active
--or at least compared to more "popular" ones--,
I personally have yet to run into a coding bug/next turn bug/ etc,
and that the alliances in this game are all serious about this game.
What I mean by this last point is that every leader cares about his/her members
and strides to get them to succeed, while criticizing them when they fail
and praising them when they succeed.


One of the best! ;)
It has its goods and bads, but we have many chances to catch up...
once we get out the mafia(the one that play just to sell...the peaceful ones, that never mass)
that sells for the ones that afford it it will be even more fun...
nobody will be afraid to fight for his believes...
c'est la vie, c'est la guerre;)


I play AW because it's different to all the other games out there.
This one requires more strategy than just stat building and attacking everyone.
Massing people actually hurts, so does being massed.

Strategy and cooperation are big parts of this game, unlike anything else I have played.

It's new, everyone has a chance to get in top,
it is also very balanced and has active admin which is great :)


active admin, good gameplay, active community.
One of the better MMO out there and a fun way to spend some time


I like the game because I have fun and the controls and pages are easy to figure out
and I like "empire building" type games in general.


I like that you cannot completely kill a player,
not even if you are much more powerful than the other.
Also, smaller accounts are not being sat upon.


It's a fun empire control game, not too in-depth, but not too simple either.
It's got a small but dedicated player base, and it doesn't take much time to get everything done.


Good game that does not require extreme activity to do well,
with admin/gamemakers that care about their people's opinion.


Well thought out, generally well run and maintained game.
Unique and different to other games of the same genre.


I like Aderan Wars because it allows for a more strategic approach to gameplay,
and it is much harder here to "mass the server" than in a game such as Gate Wars.


The game is growing into itself and the the rules are changing
as the designers realize better ways of balancing the game, so that all players can benefit from them.


I like that the game has dymanics, you don't have to play the same style.
I like that admin is active and willing to listen to the players.


Playing this game with my friends was a test of skills in trading
and the wars keep you awake at night.


I like that it has an active admin that keeps on adding and improving the game.
This in turn makes the game more interesting.


You can get as deep or as shallow as you like,
which is definitely something I like in little MMO things like this.


I like this game .
Played another game sice 2003 till 2009 , that game was off ,
tryed many games , AW is balanced and fit to my type of games. AW rocks


I like it because of the attack/defend/spy/assassin actions.
I fell in love with this system.


I like it because of the interaction from my alliance.
Gameplay is good and you have taken many of the elements from Dunewars and improved upon them.


Good admin, good interesting game,
no advantage can be bought, steady growth and very enjoyable ...


I like the whole design and set-up of the game.
I'm not sure after the upgrades, but i will see.


I can't really say i like or hate the game...
i just use it to relax and use as an stress reliever.


i like aderan wars because it is pretty cool game where i can research technologies endless

i play coz it is still in the early stages compared to most others and is still fun.

it a fun game to enjoy it go, you can produce stuff and friendly people =D

this game is easy to get the hang of and does not need a lot of attention

I face many challenges & got threats from others. luv to compete

It's not perfect, but better then other similar games I used to play.

It's a fun and friendly environment, but also very competitive.

it doesnt take up mutch time to play. but its still a lot of fun.

I like Aderan Wars because it is a good way to eat up time.

I get to own my own worlds... my own intergalactic army.

It's a new good game and a lot of people need to play it

I like aderanwars because it is a well thought out game.

I have played it for 1 day, but it look like a great game

It looks cool, and it has a few nice people playing it.
§ Angel Slayer

Nice game, many active players, active admin,...

its a good game i also met some good players

Constuction, Defines and makes AW unique

playing with my friends and such much fun...

It's a fun, easy little game to play.

Good game. I have more fun

It helps me learn business;)

its good man, its good !!!

Better than Stargate Wars.

better then dune wars

It shows potential.

Time passer :)

it is very nice

The concept is good, and I enjoy the way in which I slowly build up my empire.

the setup is what im used to playing just tweaked for the better.

Aderan Wars?! dude it's adictive try it on your own risk!

It's the best text-based game that i found so far.

Itís the only browser game I like to play.

The game is very easy to learn to play.

its a great game, what more can i say

I play Aderan Wars because I enjoy

Its simple to play and addictive :)

Itís a great balanced game!
Die Quelle

Its a nice strategic game.

Itís fun and easy to play

Aderanwars is the best

It's a really cool game

Awesome Game
Sup Com Thor

Its a cool game

It is awesome!

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