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-INTRO- Aderan Wars Tutorial

Welcome to Aderan Wars!
Watch this 5 minute tutorial video before you continue. It is very helpful and will teach you how to play.

Click on the PLAY button below to start the video (once it finishes loading)

Now you have a basic idea of how Aderan Wars works. For more detailed information, please follow through the 20 steps in the following tutorial.

This tutorial will teach you how to play the game.
On your first and second day, you will need roughly 15 minutes to take the necessary steps to learn it.
Afterwards, you will need at least 5 minutes per day if you are a busy person, but will take more time,
if you want to experience all of Aderan Wars including ingame politics, leadership in alliances, as a trading and fighting wars,
or if you shape the game yourself through other means.

Aderan Wars has its own Theme music. If you want, you can listen to it, right here, right now.
You can also download Aderan Wars Theme by clicking on the green download arrow.

You will be redirected to this page upon each login until you finish all steps.
It is also possible to reach this page anytime again by going to your base page (screenshot shown below)
where you will be shown a link which you need to click

Click next to continue.

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