26 December 2009: 1) 60 Day Supporter Status given to all players

2) Volume of market packages reduced significantly

10 December 2009: 1) Weapon Factories released:
  • You can build weapon factories after you finish construction yard level 1
  • 1 Factory produces 1 weapon per turn
  • Defense weapons get produced first (and stronger weapons produced before weaker weapons)
  • You can indirectly control which weapons get produced first by pausing and resuming production on your manufacturing orders
  • 2) Brokers used to expire after 1 day and release resources into the open. Now you have 12 hours to recover your resources from expired brokers before the resources are released into the open

    6 December 2009: 1) Reworked display and user interface when purchasing resources on the private market to make it significantly easier to use and understand especially for new players.

    29 November 2009: 1) Adding or editing of your offers on the private market is now supported with an automatic calculator that tells you what amount you will receive of the resource type you have chosen

    16 November 2009: 1) Alliance economic info now shows which users have trading ability and which ones dont

    2) Alliance Squads released. Allows leaders to divide their alliance into subgroups

    3 November 2009: 1) Alliance leaders may now award Order of Alliance heroes achievement. How many an alliance can distribute depends on size, to some degree. There is a max amount of awards per month you can give out no matter how large the alliance.

    2) Fixed a serious bug with the private market.

    3) Changed how forwarding messages works slightly due to some unforeseen results.

    26 October 2009: 1) You can now give your vote to other players. The player with most votes at the end of a month will receive the popularity medal. Only users who have played actively for longer than 2 months may vote.

    2) Going on overtime will now produce an extra 1 Supply Turn each turn. Limit to this extra production is 4,000 Supply turns.

    18 October 2009:1) Mail system reworked:
  • Quoting last message is possible
  • Possible to forward messages to others without changing content of message
  • Unread messages get highlighted
  • Selective deleting of messages is possible instead of the one by one deletion that existed until now

  • 2 October 2009:1) Infobar has been reworked slightly to include some extra information

    2) Additionally you can now chose if you wish to have it on the left side as it used to be or on the top of the page

    26 September 2009:1) Stats Page will now show if player has Trading ability or not. Clicking on the icon will bring you directly to trade broker page.

    24 September 2009:1) News page reworked, you'll only be redirected once when new important updates are out that. After seeing it once you wont see it again until new updates are released.

    22 September 2009:1) Attack mission reduced weapon repairs and ST cost.

    2) No weapon damage to attacker should strike be 500 times stronger than enemy defense

    7 September 2009:1) New index page added, also added background layer to make all pages more appealing to the eye

    31 August 2009:1) News page added. Upon login you will directly get redirected to it, where you can read all the newest news without being bothered by them on the base page.

    2) Trade events dont share the color with miscellaneous events anymore, they have their own color now

    30 August 2009:1) Random code improvements

    2) Added administrative efficiency to be displayed at alliance economic details

    17 August 2009:1) Some more Awards Released

    2) Tutorial videos available for new players, accessible from index page

    14 August 2009:1) Private Market Added, allows players to place public offers on resources which other players can accept. (Supporter Status needed to use this function)
    8 August 2009:1) Added option to delete all current event notices in one persons realm.

    2) Reworked registration and login data recovery system.

  • Registration of new players runs now more smoothly and is more resistant to user-end errors.
  • Requesting a new password doesn't deactivate your current one, so in case of abuse, people cannot lock you out of your account without having to first go on your email and log in with the new password like on other games.
  • You dont run risk losing access to your account completely when changing your email. Instead of changing the email immediately, you need to follow an activation link first that is sent on your future adress.
  • 2 August 2009:1) New accounts start with some display options turned off to make the first steps easier and not be distracted by useless options

    2) Official Cash market introduced, allowing players to donate to the site in return for resources

    3) Bulletin board allows commanders to add a short individual note

    1 August 2009:1) New Medals released

    2) Commanders now have to pay a certain minimum rate based on ingame market rates, or the maximum amount they can afford to pay, whichever value is higher

    3) Significantly improved the power of Invasion Missions. It is now also possible to attack only miners or only workers instead of always both.

    4) Untraining units no longer causes you to lose units. However the cost has been increased.

    31 July 2009:1) Code rewrites on many places, just making the game run a bit more efficiently

    2) Sending a message will now also create a notice, just like with attacking or setting relations, to the receiving player.

    27 July 2009:1) Added option to display race banners instead of just the names on the battlefield.

    2) Race bonuses DOUBLED for every race.

    22 July 2009:1) Before joining a commander, their current offer on the bulletin board (if they have one) will actually get considered.

    2) Flags on index page reworked

    3) Buildings in construction page reworked slightly

    4) Minimum Administrative Efficiency limit dropped to 20% from the previous 40%

    13 July 2009:1) Sligthly different pictures and layout on index page.

    2) Trade broker fee increased to 2%

    03 July 2009:1) Added some extra market options to spend Market reserves on.

    2) It is possible to choose to pay supply turns as a market package in return for other resources on the ingame market.

    3) Mercenary market released. Only a limited amount of mercs is for hire every turn so they will join whoever pays them the most. They are as powerful as super soldiers and die a bit faster than supers but less fast than normal soldiers. There's a limit on how many you can own and you need to pay them a small amount each turn to keep them.

    4) Added pictures to armory next to weapons purchase.

    5) Attack and Supply turn costs of different types of attacks and assassinations tweaked. Generally Attack turn cost went down, Supply turn cost went up. Also raised amount of supply turns players receive to 2 per turn.

    14 May 2009:1) Alliance member page displaying military info added. Shows personal bonuses, spy and assassin skills, weapon level and tech levels
    23 April 2009:1) It is now possible to turn tooltips off and on
    22 April 2009:1) Modified Hualu Bonus

    2) Fixed a serious income exploit

    21 April 2009:1) Increased donation limit recovery temporarily

    2) Increased how long commander notices stay on the bulletin board (used to be 5 days, is 10 days now)

    20 April 2009:1) If you are constructing a building then you can now place an order for additional buildings of the same type wihout having to wait for the previous construction to be completed (only works in case of Training Facilities, Weapons Factories or Hangars)
    19 April 2009:1) Technology research costs underwent significant changes (costs increased with a jump in cost formula being made every 100 upgrades)

    2) Bonus from techs is now an additive instead of a multiplier effect to a player's personal bonus (With a base value of 1000, personal bonus of 10% and tech of 10% you will end up with a final value of 1200 (1000 x 1.2) instead of 1210 (1000 x 1.1 x 1.1))

    3) Alliance Advisors added. They will have access to more detailed alliance information like the Leader and 2IC have. They cannot change any alliance information, invite or boot members.
    An alliance can have up to 1 advisor for every 5 members, excluding the Leader and 2IC. This amount gets rounded to the nearest full number.

    4) Hidden alliances will not gather alliance war experience anymore.

    5) Alliance logs available to hidden alliances will have a delay of 24 hours (you basically cannot see things which happened to your other members in the last 24 hours), normal alliances and commanders have a delay of 6 hours

    6) Training Facilities are now functional. 1 Training facility can train 1 unit each turn. You can have your units trained instantly but in that case you will need to pay ten times the regular cost. Training facilities will be destroyable using your airforce.

    Units put to training produce income as if they were still untrained units. However they CANNOT be raided by anyone, and are matter of fact untouchable whatever the unit class they are being trained into.

    7) If someone who receives a donation that includes a 48 hour protection used to receive 5 market reserves if they were on 48 hour protection in the last week, this has been changed to 2 market reserves (the point is that you are meant to get that protection once a week, not that you can "buy" market reserves with money).

    8) When picking the target for a sabotage mission. Only the weapons type you selected will be considered for destruction. It used to be that both parts of the armory would be considered in how much damage will be dealt (If someone had 1k def weapons and 1k strike weapons, and you picked to sabotage defense then you would have destroyed ~80 Defense weapons, which would have been 4% of all weapons. This has been changed that in this case you would destroy only ~40 Defense weapons)

    17 April 2009:1) Sidebars reworked according to player feedback.

    2) Additional color themes added aside from colors associated with the 4 races.

    3) Added the option to change the displayed theme. The amount of options available is based on the donator package that player owns.

    16 April 2009:1) Some account information like war experience that used to recalculate automatically once per hour now only recalculates 4 times per day. Alliance info now automatically recalculates 6 times per day

    2) Various modifications to scripts that run each turn/day to make them more efficient

    3) New sidebars for each race

    14 April 2009:1) Destruction mission added. Aimed to attack an opponents own offensive forces with your strike. First you must defeat the enemy defenses, you then continue to battle with your remaining power against the enemy strike power.

    2) Fixed unit losses as there was a minor mistake in the formula. Normal soldiers and mercenaries were dying less than they were supposed to.

    12 April 2009:1) You now can pick whether sabotage will primarily target defense or strike weapons. It used to be that defense weapons were always targeted first.
    9 April 2009:1) Added Realm notices. If something important happens you will receive a short message. Once a day all notices that are older than 24 hours get deleted.
    8 April 2009:1) Fixed some unresolved issues with the vacation mode
    6 April 2009:1) Improved Broker functionality

    2) Released Vacation mode

    3) A few more minor updates

    5 April 2009:1) Donating Released, you can now donate and support the site in return for various benefits
    2 April 2009:1) Tooltips added on more pages
    29 March 2009:1) Bulletin board now shows how much raw up a commander can support at most with his current rate and how much he is currently supporting.

    2) You can now set a maximum rate how much you want to pay per Untrained Unit. If an officer decides to leave you then your rate will automatically increase up to this maximum amount.

    27 March 2009:1) Commanders are now unable to pay a higher rate for uu's than they can afford. This rate will drop automatically to the highest possible amount if a new officer joins or the commander offers a rate he cannot support. Bulletin board notice also updates accordingly.
    21 March 2009:1) New account starting resources will now automatically increase

    2) Experimental referral system aimed to help introduce new players

    20 March 2009:1) Random changes and minor improvements

    2) Iframe attack is hopefully over but should be yet another reason for everyone to always have an up to date firewall and antivirus software installed

    3) Protection times now stack, if you have some time left over from your previous and activate a new one then the times add up.

    10-20 February 2009:1) A number of bugfixes some more serious than others

    2) Achievements, most are given out once per month to the best three players in many different categories. Everyone past 50% of average army size is eligible

    3) Tooltip function reworked to make it more useful and less annoying as it's now permanently active. Also more of the important pages contain tooltips now

    4) New spylog page, hopefully more legible than the previous one.

    1 February 2009:1) Personal defense bonus went down from 1.5% per point to 1.35% per point

    2) Personal income bonus went down from 0.15% per point to 0.125% per point

    3) Everyone who had points in either of these two stats was given 1 extra personal bonus change as a result to adjust for this significant update

    30 January 2009:1) Increased how much minimum covert power you need to have in order to successfully spy on someone (used to be 1/4 of enemy covert, is now 1/2.5), see their army size (used to be 1/5 of enemy covert, is now 1/3.5) or see their treasury (used to be 1/3 of enemy covert, is now 1/2)
    28 January 2009:1) Added function for users to report shared computer use to avoid getting banned for multying.
    27 January 2009:1) Market up and running fully now

    2) Added tooltips on some pages now, more to come later

    3) Added function for users to change their name (everyone stars with 2 name changes by default)

    23 January 2009:1) Fixed a few major exploits on the armory and training page

    2) Added a "delete all" button to the outbox now too

    3) Fixed a display error on the second page of alliance memberlist pages

    20 January 2009:1) Modified message system a bit and fixed a few exploits

    2) Changed formatting when displaying untrained units to solve the "extra unit" issue.

    3) Game records now various stats daily for future generations

    4) Added a "delete all" button to the inbox

    19 January 2009:1) Max amount of officers now decreased to 8 (no further reductions are planned in the near future)

    2) Added administrative efficiency. If you are above average army size you will suffer an income penalty depending on how far you are from the average. Max theoretical decrease is down to 40% of your real income. People below the average army size are not affected.

    3) Market now gives market trades in daily installments (16 per week).

    18 January 2009:1) Fixed a major exploit allowing people to create resources

    2) Improved new turn calculation with major upgrades to increase efficiency

    16 January 2009:1) Changing relations now sends a message to the target with the status of the new relation

    2) You can now see both your relation to the target and the targets relation to you on the stats page of a player, instead of just your relation to the target.

    3) Commanders can see motivation value of their officers

    13 January 2009:1) Recruit and voting links can now get clicked once every day contrary to the once every 24 hours that was until now. (You can still click once per day, but now it doesn't matter when you click it, in the morning or evening,etc.)

    12 January 2009:1) You can now search in the attacklog for names and ID's of people who you have hit and have hit you.

    2) Same story with intelligence logs

    11 January 2009:1) Voting page added, you can now for our site on certain ranking sites.

    With this you can both help yourself (by getting a few extra units) and helping the site (by possibly attracting more visitors)

    2) Commanders can now send messages to all their officers
    3) Message format has also been fixed, line breaks get decoded properly now.

    10 January 2009:1) Max officers amount decreased down to 9

    2) Names of income units changed

    9 January 2009:1) Alliance leaders can now send messages to all alliance members

    2) A message outbox has been added, users can now read messages they have sent onto.

    3) Jumping to specific battlefield pages works now.

    8 January 2009:1) Random improvements and also bugfixes that popped up as the improvements were implemented

    2) Players who have a commander can now also accept officers. The income they receive from their commander does not get affected by the officers work conditions nor realm alert (the term double taxing comes to mind) nor does it count to the 40% max income they are allowed to distribute to their own officers.

    3) Offers posted on the bulletin board are now deletable, as some of you may noticed they also were upgraded (although already a day ago) to auto update on the bulletin boeard when the commander changed his going rate in the command center.

    6 January 2009:1) Not really an update but worthwhile mention, we reached 100 players for the first time!

    2) Deleting users script improved to cope with the changes that have been made since last time it was looked upon (to account for officers, alliances, etc.)

    3) The game now records how long you've been on rank 1 (as game grows more ranks will be included), how long you've been the most on rank 1 without loosing it and how long you're currently on rank 1 since you reached it.

    5 January 2009:1) Work condition changed a bit, now you don't get revolts when you fall under 200 motivation but you simply cannot receive any additional income from it unless you increase the motivation first.
    3 January 2009:1) Helluvalot bugs fixed that popped up as a result of moving the game onto another server, thanks for bearing with us.

    2) Modified how unit production values get stored in the database. Due to the currently low UP's and people generally getting less than 1 unit per turn due to that people were initially not able to get any units if they had under 24 up (got fixed shortly after live release), today also commander/officer up increase has been corrected too.

    2 January 2009:1) Allowed users to train a limited amount of military units for free due to initial high training costs
    A mega thanks to all testers of the beta phase, many bugs have been found and fixed, many more will come up as more updates will get released
    1 January 2009:Live Release
    After 4 months of testing and developing Aderanwars finally goes live, there were a good number of last minute changes and additions to the code in order to suit the new server the game got moved onto and most of the resulting bugs have been fixed (the rest not yet being discovered, but will get taken care of as they appear)
    28-31 December 2008:1) Relations added, you can declare war or peace on others and can see a list of players you declared peace or war and a list of players that declared peace or war on you. People who you declare peace on cannot get attacked unless you change the relation and declaring war has no effect whatsoever on any military activity (however you can use it to make a list of farm targets, etc.).

    2) Major rework on the user data storage on the database. Not noticeable to the player populace (hopefully) but considering how much time it took and how useful it will be in the later stages of the game it deserves a mention :).

    18 December 2008:1) Defense level added (visible on the stats page of a user)
    If you have twice the covert of target user you can see their defense level, it's a representation of the ratio of enemy defense and your attack. If you have less than twice the enemy covert power you will not know what defense level have (represented by saying their defense level is unknown)
  • Low: Defense is under 30% of your strike
  • Moderate: Defense is between 30% and 70% of your strike
  • High: Defense is between 70% and 140% of your strike
  • Very High: Defense is between 140% and 200% of your strike
  • Extreme: Defense is over 200% of your strike
  • 14 December 2008:1) Fixed a number of bugs with the woker motivation, some of them being very serious ones

    2) Improved the date format, from now on whenever dates are shown (inbox, broker, attack log, etc.) both the day and the time of the attack are always shown (before the time was only shown if the attack happened on the current day). Also a few cosmetic changes were added to the attack, assassin and intelligence logs.

    13 December 2008:1) Various code optimizations and misc changes

    2) Work Conditions: By changing this you can increase and decrease your income as you need it for more optimal growth.

  • Normal conditions: No change in motivation or income
  • Overtime: 20% more income, 20 motivation drop per turn (only 2 decrease per turn during beta)
  • Relaxed conditions: 30% less income, 15 motivation increase per turn (only 1 increase per turn during beta)
  • If you fall below 200 motivation your workers will revolt for 12 hours. Your income and unit production will drop by 60% and you will be unable to attack anyone.
  • If you employ overtime, relaxed condtions or your realm is revolting you are unable to activate realm alert and vice versa.
  • Later you can develop technologies and methods to drop to a lower motivation without causing revolts and will also decrease the rate of rise/drop in order to sustain overtime for a longer period of time in one go.
  • 6 December 2008:1) It is possible to tag your alliance as "secret". If done so, the alliance will not appear in alliance rankings, nor will its members carry the alliance tag ingame granting the alliance all the advantages and disadvantages that come with this decision. Whether to use it or not remains everyone's decision and can be changed at will without any penalty (for now).

    2) Alliance Member economic info page added. The leader and second in command can open this page and see income, armysize, banksize, raw and total up of each member on one screen as well as the totals for each category.

    5 December 2008:1) A number of bugfixes over the past couple of days

    2) Commanders and officers: The principle is as follows, officers join your command and due to the concept of economies of scale an overall increase in production is achieved, however as with any symbiotic relationship the officers expect to receive something in return. Thus the commander keeps the increase in unit production and in return pays the officers for each untrained unit he receives a set rate.

  • People with no commander receive 10% boost on their raw unit production
  • If you have a commander you are unable to receive officers (might get changed later but for now it's not made possible)
  • Commanders can get their up increased by max 20% of their officers raw up
  • Commanders can spend max 40% of their income on "buying" units from their officers
  • If a commander is unable to "buy" all units, he only receives the amount he can afford and the Kuwal he gives out is distributed proportionately between the officers
  • 30 November 2008:1) Fixed a major issue with the realm alert and added it giving protection against sabotage and assassination attacks

  • Level None: No extra protection and no decreased income
  • Level Low: 10% extra protection and decreased income
  • Level Medium: 25% extra protection and decreased income
  • Level High: 40% extra protection and decreased income
  • Level Critical: 60% extra protection and decreased income
  • 2) Unsuccessful sabotages and assassinations result in a 75% fatality rate.

    3) When you activate the realm alert you will be unable to engage in any agressive actions against anyone until you turn the alert off again. (If you order a lockdown on your base it makes little sense to still being able to have people going in and out all the time)

    29 November 2008:1) Trade Broker is coded: It was necesary to adjust it to make sure it's impossible to duplicate goods as has been the issue in other games.

  • Trades expire after 1 Day
  • If a trade gets rejected you have 12 hours to recover goods
  • If you create a broker you either send it or if you put in the wrong items then cancel it within 5 minutes.
  • If you do neither, the broker gets sent after 5 minutes automatically.
  • 1% of all goods traded is given to the broker as a comission fee.
  • If you send or receive Kuwal and the trade gets accepted all Kuwal goes into your bank, you will still have to pay 2% banking fees (except if you are the Hualu race).
  • 2) Fixed (hopefully) all bugs and issues with Temporary Protections

    3) If all goes well, Live Release is scheduled to be on 1st January

    27 November 2008:1) Market added: You get 16 Market Trades per week, in daily installments. You can use these trades to exchange goods, get 24 hour protection (twice every 7 days max) or to acquire Market Reserves. You use market reserves to increase your bank size or to apply for a 48 hour protection (once per week).(A few more options activable with market reserves will be added later)
    25 November 2008:1) Weapon stats modified and added a new weapon

    2) Modified fighter power

    7 November 2008:1) Purchase, sale and ranking of Air Power added. They do not yet have any effect in battles but there will be 3 main types of figthers (initially weak but research will allow the use of stronger fighters).

  • Air superiority fighters fight well against other fighters but are not much help to ground troops
  • Strategic fighters excel at supporting grounds troops but are terrible when engaged in dogfights
  • Tactical fighters fair well when used in both situations simultaneously (air and ground combat)
  • 2) Improved the rankings with a major upgrade

    4 November 2008:1) Some code optimization, although doesn't show much effect now, it will make a big difference later

    2) Minor (stuff not showing up as it should) and major (such as incorrect losses calculation when sabotaging or assassinating) bugfixes

    3 November 2008:Various minor additions like links to voting sites to promote game and others.
    1 November 2008:Building construction is functional. Building functions soon to be added
    31 October 2008:Added the race bonuses as outlined on the register page
    24 October 2008:Assassination released (yet another biggie here)

    With this new offensive option you send your assassins into an enemy realm to cause chaos. You can target enemy offensive (attack), defense (defense), covert (spies) and assassination units. Each time you can kill under normal circumstances a random amount between 2-3% (if your assassination squads have enough power left after making sure the enemy assassin network is occupied).

  • 1) Successful missions result in 5% losses of assassins sent, failed missions result in 75% losses.
  • 2) Sending a force that is over 15% stronger than the defender's assassin action results in the name of the attacker to remain hidden.
  • 3) How much more units you need to send to reach the 3% limit depends on your Assassination Skill level and technology and the enemy Assassination Skill level only.

    4) As with sabotage it is possible to go past this 3% limit, to do this you need to send enough units and you are able to kill one unit for every 3 units you loose (applies only when you target offense, defense or covert) in addition to the units you loose by beating the enemy assassin action (this is assuming equal assassination skill with both players)

    Maybe sounds confusing, but is actually all very simple and eventually someone will be able to write it up much more clearly.

  • 20 October 2008:1) Fixed some typos and added some minor things to be recorded when spying/attacking.

    2) Sabotage released: Upon overcoming enemy covert networks you can destroy a random amount between 3-4% of enemy weapons if your spies have enough power left.

  • It is POSSIBLE to go past this limit, but to do so you must send many more spies than necesary. After subtracting enemy covert from your covert you are left with a power difference. From this you remove the bonus you receive from your basic covert Tech (the value you see in the base page as: Covert Technology ???) and you divide by 200. The result shows you how much weapon points you will destroy (currently someone with highest spy skill 5,000 versus someone with the best weapon power 2,000 will have to sacrifice 4 units to destroy one best weapon assuming they didn't allocate any % points to their individual covert bonus).
  • Successful Mission results in 5% of spies lost that are sent on mission, unsuccessful mission results in 50% casualties.
  • Sending a force that is over 15% stronger than the defender's covert results in the name of the attacker to remain hidden.

    3) Some more minor bugs corrected (suprise suprise)

    4) Fixed a serious alliance issue with leaders of alliances being able to change alliances without handing leadership over first.

  • 18 October 2008:1) Bunch of bugfixes (as usual)

    2) Left sidebar slightly modified. Hopefully will offer better readability and contains a bit more useful info.

    3) Bug fixed that prevented enemy weapon inventory from showing in recon logs

    17 October 2008:1) New attack functions added (assault, raid, hunt assassins)
  • -Attack: Attack for stealing kuwal from the opponent
  • -Raid: Abducts 3.5-4.5% of enemy untrained units
  • -Hunt Assassins: Kills UP TO 3.5%-4.5% of enemy trained assassins IF there is enough power available after overcoming enemy defense
  • -Assault: Attack designed to destroy the opponent all other attack forms deal very minor damage to enemy weapons

    2) Supply Turns introduced. Unlike attack turns, which represent logistical resources vital for the movement of your troops (ammunition, food, fuel), supply turns represent the physical limitation to how much your armies can travel and fight in a certain amount of time.
    Consequently supply turns will not be tradeable (Resource missions require minimal amount of these turns therefore farming and raiding will pretty much remain unaffected), it will however prevent single individuals of having the ability to destroy whole alliances.
    This is one of many steps intended to bring back strategy into text based browser games

  • 13 October 2008:1) Fixed various bugs with alliance

    2) Added alliance ranks. They are calculated by adding up the ranked values of Total Army size, Total power, Total Member War experience and Total Alliance War Experience (not yet added). The weighings are 3/10,2/10,3/10 and 2/10 respectively (total army size and member war exp are 1.5 times more important for final rank than total power and alliance war experience.)

    12 October 2008:Alliance function partially released, expect many additions within short periods
    9 October 2008:All numbers shown in covert reports now get comma separated for easier reading
    2 October 2008:Fixed issues with registering using a name that is very similar to one that someone is already registered with.
    28 August 2008:1) The bug that allowed people to see other people's spylogs, attacklogs and messages has been fixed. If you wish for a minor entertainment you can try for yourself and see what you will get

    2) I will most likely give those who are as of this moment playing actively in the beta phase the ability to transfer resources upon its release for free.

    26 August 2008:1) Weapons have undergone some further balancing. Prices have been slightly altered and another damage modifier has been added. Up to now most weapons were designed to be destroyed within 30 hits (If attack and defense remained similar in power) this proved the stronger weapons, which were disproportionately more expensive both to buy and to repair relative to decreased losses, to be at too much a disadvantage and barely worth buying. Now, in a nutshell, the larger your weapon the more hits you will need to destroy it. Also this should bring repair costs closer together independent of weapon used

    2) War Records are now working. All that can be killed and stolen on this day gets recorded and added to war statistics.

    25 August 2008: 1) Some minor issues fixed, attacks on you should not get erased if attacker deletes account

    2) Weapons damage fixed. One man massings are impossible now. Defense weapons get damaged if strike is about one fifth of defense value. Also a higher strike or def will cause the other more damage than receive back but only to a certain limit. (Base value is one thirtieth of max weapon power, this can go up to a bit over a double or down to a bit under a half, min damage to any weapon is 1)

    3) Since farming attack is the only attack option available and until the correct attack to destroy defenses will be coded attack losses have been doubled and base damage done to defense weapons halved

    24 August 2008: 1) Fixed a serious bug that allowed people to get login details of others.

    2) Unit production cost calculation error fixed

    3) Purchasing basic techs works now, each upgrade increases respective skill by 1%, cost is progressive. At the moment cost increases by 250k x 2 times current level. This is not final and will maybe go up upon live release.

    4) Unique race bonuses added (more might get added later). For now each race gets 10% discount on their respective basic tech research and the income race gets 4% discount on up upgrades. This is not final, numbers might change later

    23 August 2008: 1) Recon/Spy Function introduced! You need to have at least a quarter of enemy covert power in order to be successful.
    You can see enemy army size if you have at least one fifth and treasury if you have at least one third of enemy covert
    22 August 2008: 1) Several bugs with attack system fixed and applied attack/defence ratio modifier to troop losses and weapons damage

    2) Bugs involved with buying/repairing/selling weapons, withdrawing negative amounts from bank and an issue with unit production fixed.

    3) Battle log now shows troop composition and armaments of both attacker and defender

    21 August 2008: Beta Release, many unfinished things

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